August 2018

JosuneAizpurua_august18Josune Aizpurua Zaldua – Overwhelmed.



Lara Austin Shoop – 50.
I am 50
I whisper the number “F I F T Y”
as I free fall into 50



jackiecuervo_augJackie Cuervo – What’s next? For him? For me?


Processed with VSCO with a9 presetTricia Boutelle

“Other women’s bodies are not our battle grounds.” – Rupi Kaur


LaurenKeimLauren Keim

“I have seen my sons and daughters, once netted over like fruit in their cots, break the meshes and walk with me, taller than I am, casting shadows on the grass.” Susan, The Waves by Virginia Woolf

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