Jessica Holleque | A late night google search of my family surname Aro revealed a translation to “wet meadow” or “swamp” both as a place and surname throughout Finland. So maybe it is no surprise these weeds & wildflowers feel like home.

Jasmin Cervantes | I finally admitted to myself that I really like a part of my body. I really like my legs. I think it’s the self-love speaking

Josune Aizpurua | “Remember that the most valuable antiques are dear old friends.” -H. Jackson Brown, Jr.  |  I met her at high school, when we were 15, and we have been friends since then. She even agrees to joining me in my photography projects in the middle of a crowd.

Katherine Wilson | The plan was to get a shot by myself this month, but this one is permanently in my arms. Work, washing, cooking, she’s in my arms. Its hard to get anything done, but she’s my third. I’m committed to soaking her up. I know how fast it goes.

Jackie Cuervo | The images you make now hold more than you may ever know. Portrait of me by my son.

Lara Austin Shoop | I wanted to take a “reflection shot”. I ended up capturing a slice in time of summer 2016, it’s what this entire project is about, years from now, there will be some visual record “the story of me”.

Sarah Gee | I wish the rainbows and the love could fix it.

Katherine Emery | “No person place or thing has any power over me, for I am the only Thinker in my mind.” [These notes are meant for someone else, but they could be mine. They could be yours.]

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