Cesly Nuckles | “I cannot be still for long. There is a riot in me all the time. A needy, restless voice in my heart endlessly urging me onward. I ache for new experiences and my hunger for adventure is boundless. My entire life is a perpetual loop of longing for something else.” -Beau Taplin


Katherine Emery | We leave Maine in a snowstorm, and my heart is full and heavy. I know I need a simpler life, I believe that simpler living can lead to more complex interactions, to creating more nourishing work. And yet, when I arrive in California, I will assimilate. I always do.


Jackie Cuervo | Friends are the family we choose for ourselves.


Jasmin Cervantes | The fruit of my labor. The skin that grew with my children.


Jessica Holleque | Creativity can be as simple as movement.


Josune Aizpurua | “Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.” -Bruce Lee


Tatiana Johnson |

star light,
star bright,
i’ve got bad ass
fairy insight.
so there.
-Thug Unicorn by Tanya Markul


Lara Austin Shoop |

I keep telling myself it’s okay,
it will be okay, it’s getting better,
it could be worse,there are worse things, it could be better, it could not be.
But. It. Is.

It shapes us.

I keep telling myself this is the Month, Week, Day.
This is the HOUR.
I will have a few good hours.

People run out of things to say.
So they stop talking, calling, asking, noticing. S E E I N G
Avoid EYE contact. Turn your head. Quick, go down a different aisle.

It’s isolating and comforting all at once.
My BFF, a Chronic Disease

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