May | One Year Anniversary

Cesly Nuckles | “And the day came when the risk to remain in a tight bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” -Anais Nin | Stepping in front of the camera has been about opening myself up and discovering me. It’s been about growing as an artist. Most importantly, it’s been about connecting with this incredible group of women. What an amazing year it has been.

Daniela Sokolowski | This project is a personal treat, an outlet for creativity and a way of honoring my story. The opportunity to get in front of the lens and learn something new about me and about this beautiful art of photography is something I treasure.

Jackie Cuervo | What does The Story of Me Project mean to me?  It means I have 6 more photos of myself for my kids to have one day. It means I have begun to get in the frame more often with my family.  It means that while I prefer to be behind the lens this project and the friendships that have grown because of it remind me how important it is to create these images.  Thank you ladies – it’s an honor to share this space with you.

Jessica Engert | I love this project because it gets me in front of the lens. Behind the lens, I am just the storyteller. As the subject of a photo, I become a character in a story.

Jessica Holleque | So often I am mesmerized by the messes, the imperfections, the idiosyncrasies that come along with being a single soul placed into a living body.  It is what makes the world interesting.  It is what drives me to create. Yet turn the lens on ourselves and this fleshy body seems only a tool for shame.

But as always, when you shine a light onto a dark place, beauty surfaces.   Lift through the layers of social pressures, self-doubt, and fear and our bodies become ours.  A home of expression and creativity, extensions of our soul’s desires and purpose.  For me, this has been about shedding the weight of shame, and embracing this body as the caretaker of the heart.

Jessica Risinger 

Katherine Wilson | Well, we made it. How many amazing photography projects have been dreamed of, carefully planned through and faithfully launched before sadly dying off shortly after their promising start/s?

I for one, am extremely grateful and inspired that this particular one has survived against the masses.

This project challenges me in so many ways. To be a great photographer, one must know what it actually feels like to be in front of the lens. Which for me, and so many others is such an uncomfortable task, and is probably part of the reason we were the ones that picked up the camera in the first place.

But to commit to accurately documenting our lives means actually getting inthe frame. And what started out as just a challenge to at least perform a ‘selfie’ once a month, has evolved into a way to envisage beauty, to capture moments, to set myself free from worrying about how my image is portrayed, and to truly create.

I love the story of me project, and the amazing women that have ensured its continued success. Here’s to another great year of us.

Lara Austin Shoop |

One Year

What has this project meant to me? It’s a sisterhood, a place where once a month I’ve been able to lay down my burden, let down my guard and take a picture of my heart. I’ve joined together with other artists and created freely, month after month. Across the miles, we’ve supported each other, virtually holding each other’s hands, and holding each other up. That’s what sisters do. So grateful for each one of you, and looking forward to another year creating together.

Ashley Lauren McAfee | “Don’t wait for someone to bring you flowers. Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul.” -Luther Burbank  |  That is exactly what this project is for me–a garden in which I have the room to bloom and grow, amongst the most beautiful companions.

Sarah Gee | I am like a new baby to this group.  I have watched friends share their images and words here, and I’ve been inspired.  And so I give this flower as my gratitude for having the honor of sharing in your blossoming over the past year, and also for being allowed to be in this space now.  My hands are dirty, but they can hold beautiful things.  I am excited to reach in and dig up the story of me.  Thank you.


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